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Bitshares Google Hangout - March 13, 2016 

JonnyBitcoin and Noisy discuss all things BitShares.

Bitshares Google Hangout - March 6, 2016

JonnyBitcoin and Noisy dicussing the latest news and ideas from the world of Bitshares.

BitShares Dev Hangout - March 11, 2016

Dan Larimer of Cryptonomex speaking with the BitShares community regarding BTS 2.0 updates, STEALTH milestones, Microsoft Azure, Virtual Machines, Ethereum, Mutual Aid Society, Bond Market, the DEX speed and sidechains.

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fuzzy: Does this put us in a completely different state than most other blockchains that seem to have this centralized crew that is the only one that works on it? Is this kind of like an attempt to move away from that?

bytemaster: Yeah, we like having decentralized development. It protects everyone involved. The regulatory environment is constantly shifting and as companies like Cryptonomex seek investment and growth my open transparency here without the disclaimer this is my personal opinion, can create liabilities for the company.

So I’m just trying to minimize the liabilities that I could place on Cryptonomex by speaking openly with everyone about what I’m thinking and what we’re doing. It’s purely a CYA [Cover Your Ass] move. So fundamentally I’m still here to offer my feedback on what I know is going on behind the scenes and we’ll go from there.

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